Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitchell Report Sends Shock Waves Through Knights Organization.

WASHINGTON — Congress continued its examination of baseball's steroids era Tuesday, and unlike a similar hearing three years ago, there was praise amid the criticism of Knights Manager Ryan Saul and team owner The Judge.
Each took responsibility for the steroids problem in adult baseball before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Saul and Judge also said they are working to implement recommendations from former senator George Mitchell's report on drugs. Just when you think the Knights organization had hit the bottom...they dig a foxhole and manage to get even deeper. The hearings took a sharp turn towards the Knights when committee chairman Henry Waxman, who asked Saul whether the Knights should have reported their concerns about Kevin Murkeys' trainer, Mike 'Los Animals' Cabrera, and the slugger's alleged steroid use to the commissioner's office. Saul kept his head down for a majority of the questioning, even mumbling incoherently sometimes.

The book that started it all "Jewced: Dark Days & Darker Knights", former Knight Ryan Lang told all the locker room secrets and named names. This is when Sen. Mitchell gained traction for his now infamous Mitchell Report where 11 former and current Knights were mentioned in connection with "TXF".

Lang who many accused at the time of violating the Locker Room Code Of Silence feels vindicated by the findings of the Mitchell Report. He mentioned in a phone interview that "I've spent the last 3 years defending myself. But now it's their turn, I spoke the truth and the truth set me free." He went on to hint at a new book "It's time for The Langer to unleash the rest of his fury in a new book, I don't want to give away too much other than to say, if you thought Jewced was shocking, wait till you read the new book." I asked if he could hint at what he'd be covering, he said only that it would be titled "Pitcher or Catcher. Stingers, Needles, and Balls, Oh My! The Life and HARD Times of an Adult Baseball Supermodel"

Knights Shortstop Pete Halvorsen (left with Cole Van Buren) made an incredible resurgence in his career after spending the off season working out with oft-injured left-fielder Austin Hurwitz in the Winter of 2004. Hurwitz has been named in the probe concerning a large shipment of "The X Factor" a designer substance known in the medical circles as "TXF" or "Blue Steel".

Halvorsen put on 25 pounds (photo w/ football was taken in Spring of '05) of muscle in one off season. He has since systematically denied any and all allegations through his lawyer's at Dewey, Cheatum and Howe LLP. I called and received this statement from Bert Dewey "My client, Mr. Halvorsen has used B12 and Flax Seed Oil provided to him by a licensed physician, and for the record he doesn't even like needles."

So as names begin to leak out and be linked together it is my duty to put the puzzle together and hold all of those responsible for cheating the Knights fans out of the pure and organic game of baseball they thought they had been witnessing.

With the 2008 Knights season in jeopardy, we will find out early next week if the Knights will be able to field a team or if the Steroid Allegations and Suspensions be the death blow of Knights Baseball.

I'm Max Mercy and this has been a Special Edition Article.